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Protecting your Eyes after Undergoing LASIK Eye Surgery

After a successful LASIK eye surgery to rework the shape of the cornea, the patient can enjoy a brighter and sharper vision. However, you also need to learn the best ways to still protect your eyes from any other interference or harmful activity. To ensure the permanent results of your surgery, you should know some best post-operative procedures and actions. When well-taken, these actions can keep your eyes safe for many years.

In the same way that you will be trained on essential steps you need to take before your lasik eye surgery, you also need to learn post-operative steps. All these factors protect and promote healthy use of the body. The post-operative institution you get after the surgery also ensures that your recovery time is as short and perfect as possible. So, what are those things you should begin to learn to do if you want to protect your eyes for excellent use in the future?

Plan your activities

LASIK Eye Surgery ensures you get the best possible condition for your well-being. One of the primary advantages of LASIK surgery is that the patient can quickly recover fully and regain their natural sight to continue life. You can return to your everyday life after 24 hours of having this surgery. However, you may be unable to do all the activities you usually do before eye surgery.

For example, any activity that involves straining your body muscles is not advisable for your recovery period. You should take some days off from such actions or, if possible, for a week or more. You may even want to get a piece of medical advice on the appropriate time or schedule of activities to follow until complete recovery. Even before you undertake the LASIK eye surgery, you should avoid any activity that requires straining the muscle for days before your procedure.

Protecting your Eyes after Undergoing LASIK Eye Surgery

As for the day of your surgery, avoiding any activity that may lead to poking, rubbing, or touching your eyes is essential. When bathing, you may want to keep lather away from your eyes and don’t let soap get into them. At the same time, the doctor may advise you to stay off driving for the time being so that you can recover swiftly. Another avoidance is the place of drinking alcohol. At this period, alcohol intake is a no-no for you. 

You should also be able to complete a light exercise or any outdoor activity only about three days after your surgery. If you love swimming, you will need to apply some goggles or even wear makeup and spend some time tanning in the sun. As time goes by, you can engage in vigorous activities such as sailing and swimming without goggles when a week passes after your LASIK eye surgery. 

By the time you fully recover from the eye surgery and can return to full fitness, you can freely partake in as many activities as you want. When taking on these activities, you should wear protective gear like safety goggles to shield your eyes from particles or other materials. If you have a job where it is vital to use the eyes, you should make it mandatory to wear these protective gears at all times. 

Take post-operation examinations

When you complete your LASIK procedure, we often organize some post-operative examinations and appointments. This period is also the time to monitor your recovery and ensure that there are no complications. Generally, you must have at least three crucial post-procedure appointments as follows:

  1. 24-hour examination after a LASIK procedure
  2. Two weeks post-operative examination
  3. One year post-operative examination

Meanwhile, it would help if you stayed steady with your eye examinations. Besides, examining the results of the LASIK surgery allows you to adhere to the instructions you received after the eye surgery. You will need to ensure that you regain your full health. Even if there is no eye condition following your LASIK surgery, you should still maintain the right attitude to protecting your eyes. 

Common eye problems others may have include cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration. The medical association recommends that anyone age that is lesser than 40 and that has not reported any eye issues need to go for routine checkups of the eyes. This regular checkup can happen once every two years to ensure no hidden problems. 

Protecting your Eyes after Undergoing LASIK Eye Surgery

Moreover, the condition of the eyes also generally deteriorates. So, it is vital that as you age 40, you should check up more often. Older people need a checkup at least once in one or two years. But people with existing eye conditions may want to increase that period of seeing the doctor to multiple times. In the worst-case scenario, they should see the doctor at least once a year.

Treat your dry eyes

One of the common issues that people report after having LASIK eye surgery is the case of dry eyes. This side effect often occurs and is simply a temporary condition because the eyes are only taking time out to heal. The following are the signs or symptoms that show dry eyes:

  • Excessive tearing from the eyes
  • Red, burning, or itchy eyes
  • Itchy feeling or sensation of sand in the eyes

When you notice these things after you have undergone LASIK eye surgery, it is time you consider an excellent way to recover from this dryness. There are many ways to resolve the issue of dry eyes after the LASIK surgery, including getting prescribed medications or some over-the-counter drugs that can help you. Remember, it is a minor problem, and making a mountain out of a molehill is no need. 

If you cannot get a drug handy, you can also do some unique exercise. Dampen a piece of cloth inside some warm water and place it over the eyes for about five minutes. Afterward, massage the eyelids with mild soap or baby shampoo. On the other hand, you can use Omega-3 supplements, which are suitable for the eyes, or castor oil drops for relief. 

Use Sunglasses

Try to use sunglasses outside the house, especially during the summer. These glasses are vital to maintaining your overall eye condition and shielding you from UV rays. Overexposure to sun rays can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye conditions. Remember that when buying eyeglasses, you should choose the ones with an approval tag that shows it is recommended to protect the eyes truly. 

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