Reasons behind the increase of cataracts in the world

It is no more news that cataract is increasing in the world every day. Even though schools are releasing competent and vibrant eye specialists who can successfully do cataract surgery, the situation grows every day. This issue has been a burden in my heart. Once you clock the age of forty in the US, you are prone to have cataracts. I don’t know why cataracts kept on increasing in the US. The US is regarded as the number one country globally, and they have more than enough facilities to reduce cataracts among its citizens. But today, the US is also among the countries suffering from cataracts.

I don’t think we need to emphasize that the only remedy to cataracts is to undergo cataract surgery. And I want you to believe with me that people are doing cataract eye surgery every day. So, why the increase? The records of blindness today and every other visual impairment are caused mainly by cataracts. From my research, I also noticed that some countries did not even understand cataracts. For instance, some countries in Africa do not better understand this eye problem. And yet, the issue kept increasing among them every day. 

Even here in Sydney, where there are countless experienced eye specialists who can successfully carry out cataract surgery, we still record cataract cases every day. Dear reader, I believe you will see that something is wrong with the world from my perspective. Let’s reason together; I mean, countries like the US that have eye specialist and facilities that can completely eradicate this ailment still suffers from it. Not only the US, even some other countries in the world. 

However, I decided to do some research to know what is exactly wrong with the world. I asked myself, “why can’t the world eradicate cataracts even after knowing that the only remedy is to do cataract surgery”? Please pay attention to this write-up. This article is a solution to the world’s problem. Remember, the world has been battling this ailment for over two centuries now. 

After a series of research, here are the facts that I gathered about the increase of cataracts in the world;

Reasons why cataract is increasing in the world today

  1. Fear of undergoing cataract surgery: Some people with cataracts took the bold step of visiting their doctor to lodge their complaints. The doctor examined them and carried out a series of tests on their eyes, and the doctor told them that the solution to their concern was to go for cataract surgery. Do you know the conversation about their health ends there? Some will try to ask the doctor how the surgery will go. And once the doctor explains that the cloudy lens will be removed and replaced with an artificial one, fear grips their heart. 

If you think in the same direction as me, you will know that the world’s issue concerning this issue is not facilities and specialists. But the fear of how the surgery will look has turned countless people blind. I mean total blindness; they couldn’t see. I want to use this medium to appeal to people who are reading this article to please go for cataract surgery. Perhaps, you need to learn some things about cataract surgery. I can boldly tell you that cataract surgery is the simplest of all surgery services.

  1. Poverty: For a country like India, with many people with cataracts, money is the problem. Cataract surgery is somehow expensive, and they can’t afford to pay for the surgery. Not only in India, but other countries are suffering from poverty. Once poverty is increasing in a country, survival is very low. There are countries in Africa where their economic meltdown contributes to the increase of cataracts globally. 
  1. Lack of understanding: Do you know some countries in the world don’t understand the fact that cataract is the one contributing to their increase in blindness? I think people should be enlightened about cataracts. People need to be encouraged to do the needful. There should be sound teaching that will educate people about cataracts. You can read about the Reasons why freelancers are prone to have cataracts by visiting

 People need to be taught that once they notice some symptoms like blurred vision, inability to read at night, trouble seeing at night, and when colors become faded in their sight, they need to consult their doctor. Trust me; some countries still lack some information about cataracts. You might be wondering how to get some info about cataracts and cataract surgery. There are countless materials online that can expose you to all you need to know about this eye problem.

  1. Procrastination: Some people postponed the day they would go for cataract surgery until the matter took their sight. A cataract is not what one should joke with. Please don’t wait any longer once you’ve been diagnosed with a cataract. I will advise you to prompt your doctor to attend to you as soon as possible. Procrastination is some people’s problem.

 They love postponing things. Can you imagine someone suffering from a cataract, and he’s the one telling his doctor to please allow him to gather some stuff before coming back for the surgery. Some people say that once they hear that it will take close to three weeks before they can do their daily activities, they tend to postpone the cataract surgery because they don’t want to lose some tips from their business. Remember, the eyes are the light of the body. I will advise you to stop procrastinating. Rise and do the needful. 

Closing thought

I hope you will agree that the above-listed points are the real problem that the world is facing regarding this ailment. I want to challenge you to pass this information on to people around you. This article is what the world should know—enough of losing people’s sight. Finally, I am always open to answering questions that cross your mind as far as this topic is concerned.